Wolfs and Whales

iu-2As I am writing and researching about our Earth, integral ecology and the sounds of our Earth I have found the calls of wolfs, whales and porpoises to be especially interesting at the moment.  Check out 7’01” into this track for a magical wolf call.  You will have to use your pitch bend wheel to even get close.  Can you sing it? Whales and porpoises also sing or speak fantastic clicks.  The last link is to the clicks of the Vaquita Porpoise, only about 30 animals remain along the southern California coast and the Mexican coast. We have built concrete walls around our ears and filled it with 4/4 beats, but what I hear in these beautiful calls is everything else we need to live empathetically with these marvelous musicians of the seas.  The multi-media dances I am writing calls me to be a humble steward of this beautiful music.  What do you think?


Kaleel Skeirik


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