Dynamic New Music

img_4125_wide-fc697a0b088b2a7a00f16d64ce15da56e2cc7d85-s1600-c85 Caroline Shaw won the music Pulitzer Prize in 2013.  Listen to her music on Youtube.  What grabs you about this music?  In what way does it have the stamp of our times?  How is her music different from Beethoven’s 5th Symphony?.  Beethoven lived during the French Revolution and  right after the birth of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.  Caroline Shaw lives during our contemporary times.  Offer your ideas on the differences.  Yet, are there some important similarities in general terms of how art transcends the real moment  into the spirt.  Shaw is 30 years old when she wins the Pulitzer Prize, Beethoven_caricatures_LyserBeethoven writes his first three symphonies between the ages of 29 and 33. Symphony No. 3, the “Eroica”, is at first in honor of Napoleon and then Beethoven strikes Napoleon’s name from the dedication when Napoleon makes himself Emperor.  These works are very different, but both are powerful.  Listen to other works by Caroline Shaw.  How does she capture our times?  How did Beethoven capture his?