ARV0 PÄRT-Choral Music of our Time

PÄRT, A.: Choral Music (Da pacem Domine) (Latvian Radio Choir, Klava)

What are the essential design features of the music of ARVO PÄRT?  Listen to the album listed above.  It is newly released  on NAXOS An Invaluable Music Resource.  Xavier University students can access this album for free by going to the Xavier University library website/Databases/Music/Naxos.  Check with the librarian if you have difficulty navigating you way to this streaming station.  Listen to the work above and select three points you wish to make in your comment.  Specifically, address how he unifies his soundscape, how he creates contrast, how he designs his music structurally.  Incorporate into your comment what makes this a late 20th century/early 21st century music. Make your comment and then later respond to four other comments.