Form and Analysis

Form and Analysis.Syllabus.2018


  1. Due January 11,  Complete a draft paper and a draft diagram ( Figure) for a paper on the chant that was discussed in class and emailed out.  Upload paper and diagram to Dropbox/Form and Analysis.  You will be sent an invitation.  Bring the following page to class and have reviewed this assignment prior to entering class.  Have the assignment partially completed.  Bring questions about the assignment.Chant Analysis
  2. Due January 16, Research the following:
    • Machaut
    • Ars Antiqua/Ars Nova
    • Isorhythmic Motet- origin/who called it this?
    • Listen to De son espoir 10X and fully absorb its parts.
  3. Due January 16, submit your finished Chant paper and diagram/figure to Dropbox.  Correctly Identify your file.  Alex’s draft is due by Saturday and is to be read by all for any ideas that may be helpful.
  4. Due January 18,  complete a 1.5 hr.  in score analysis of the Machaut.
    • Mark out the parts of the talea and color with brackets (annotate all 1:2:3 relationships),
    • make a vertical analysis of the harmonic content such as 8/3  5/3 8/5 for the entire work,
    • explain all musica ficta, 
    • analyze the Motetus and Triplum text for number of syllables, note rhythmic features of the upper two voices (how do these relate to the  Franconian Motet-easy to look up!- that used the rhythmic modes so prominently featured in the Ars Antiqua? )
  5. Due January 23,  Joaquin-Complete analysis of the motet in the text. Chord names, chord figures, P, N, Sus analysis, chord root analysis, text analysis, phrase analysis.

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