Music Theory I

Assisi Flyer vertical 9-20-17

Music = T4= T ime x T one x T imbre x T heatre


Due August 24:  Chapter 1 all odd numbered pages in pdf that was mailed out.

Due August 29:.

  • Be prepared to come to the board and write answers to any problem presented by the professor.  Problems will be taken from Chapter 1 and 2.
  • Read Chapter 2
  • Friday afternoon  a pdf that is  the revised assignment for Ch. 2 was emailed to each student. Do all exercises on the pdf except :  p.10  C;  p.12   F    G   H.  Because this pdf is from another textbook there are a few questions about compound meter that we have not talked about, so do not worry about those (6/8, 9/8, 12/8).

Due August 31:

  • Be sure you have read Chapters 1-2
  • Read Chapter 3
  • Complete all Try It Exercises in Textbook for Ch. 3
  • Define all terms at the end of Ch. 3 in the textbook
  • Answer questions at the end of Ch. 3 in the textbook

InQuizitive-Go to Canvas/Assignments- Graded Assignments with Due Date:

  • Due September 5-
    • Chapter 1 all plus
    • Chapter 2  halfway completed  and
    • Chapter 3 halfway completed.
  • Due September 7-
    • Chapter 2 all
    • Chapter 3 mostly done
  • Due September 11
    • Chapter 3 completed
  • Due September 12-Come to Class  and finish work on the Chapter 1-3 test until the class ends at 11:15 AM. Strive to get the highest score.  Use class time to ask anyone in class the answer to any question.  Students are to help each other.
  • InQ ch.1-3
  1. Exam I  Chapters 1-3  Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 10:00 AM during class hours. 75 minutes, up to 2 attempts allowed.   To take the test on-line go to Canvas/Assignments/ Chapters 1-3 Test.  All students are on the honor system that the only resource they have used during the test is the textbook.  You may not speak to any other person during the test per the honor system.
  2. Due September 19, Tuesday.  Read Chapter 4, Complete all TryIt Exercises, Define all vocabulary, answer all questions at the end of the chapter.  Bring your answers to class.
  3. Due September 21, Thursday.  Chapter 4 all odd problems in the Workbook
  4. Due September 26, Tuesday.  Chapter 4 all problems.
  5. Due September 28, Thursday.  Chapter 5  pp. 47-52 in the Workbook, all problems.  Quiz on Figure 5.1 in the textbook.  You will receive a blank sheet of paper and replicate exactly all of Figure 5.1.
  6. Due October 3, Tuesday  Lab Assignment
    • This assignment is to be done in the Theory Lab, Rm 204
    • This assignment has two parts
      • Open Finale in the Lab and work through the assigned tutorials and Quick Videos. 2 hrs.
      • After learning the basics of Finale complete the assignment below 2 hrs.
      • Do not even think you can get all of this assignment done on Monday night! Plan ahead!
    • Part 1
      • Open Finale on the computer
      • Go to File/Launch Window
      • Look at the white box on the bottom left
      • First Open Tutorials/Look at the top center of the page/click on Tutorials for Beginners
      • Do Tutorial 1-4 and Tutorial 8
      • Read through the titles to all the tutorials to give you a sense of Finale
      • Go back to the Launch Window
      •  Look at the white box on the bottom left
      • Open Quick Start Videos
      • Scroll Down to Entering Notes-view the videos
      • Do not view but read the headings for the other videos to give you a sense of Finale.
      • You should now know how to create a document, enter notes and save the document.
    • Part 2
      • Create a Finale Document and Enter into the document the following.  All examples are to be in one document. For these exercises use key signatures, change the key signature as necessary.  You may select the instrument of your choice.  It is best to use the Garritan Instruments.  Melodies may be 4 to 8 bars in length.
      • Start you music in a simple meter.  Create a melody that starts in a major key (Never C Major!) and then changes to the parallel minor and then ends in the major key.  Make your melody mostly stepwise.
      • Start your music in a compound meter. Create a melody that starts in the melodic minor and changes to the relative major and then returns to the melodic minor.Make your melody mostly stepwise.
      • Start your music in 3/2 meter.  Create a melody that is in the Lydian Mode. Make your melody mostly stepwise.
      • Start your  music in 5/4.  Create a melody that is in the Dorian Mode.  Make your melody mostly stepwise.
      • Start you music in 3/8.  Create a melody that is in B minor pentatonic.
      • Start your music in 12/8.  Create a melody that is in F# major pentatonic.
      • Start your music in a meter you have not used.  Invent a scale that is not a major scale, not one of the minor scales, not pentatonic and not a Mode.  Write a melody for that scale.  Use the text tool and above the melody indicate the pitch class names of the scale on the score.
      • Add lyrics to one of your melodies.  Use the lyric tool.  Look it up.  Do NOT use the Text tool.  Learn the difference.
    • All work is to be submitted to Dropbox Shared Folder Skeirik Theory I/Scales.  Save your document with your name in the document name.  Example:  “Skeirik.Scales.musx.”
  7. Due October 10, Tuesday
    • Update, correct, finish your Lab Assignment above
    • Read Chapter 6, Look up information about intervals on the internet, Complete all TryIT exercises in the textbook. Complete Chapter 6 Intervals odd pages only in the Workbook.
  8. Due October 12, Thursday-Complete 80 % plus of the Ch 6 Workbook Exercises.
  9. Various due dates:  InQuizitive Chapters 4, 5, 6 and Combined 4-6 test- start working on these chapters. Due Dates are listed in InQuizitive.  This is graded.
  10. Due Thursday, October 19:  all Workbook problems Chapters 4-6.  The workbook will be graded during the exam.  Students are required to bring the workbook to class on October 19.  Students are advised to do as much of Chapters 1-3 as they can for review.
    • Finish any unfinished problems in Chapter 1-3 Oct 12
    • Finish Chapter 4 by Oct14
    • Finish Chapter 5 by Oct 16
    • Finish Chapter 6 by Oct 17
  11. Test date for Chapters 1-6, Thursday October 19.
  12. Due Tuesday, October 24  Read Chapter 7 , Workbook p. 71-75 (7.3 I)  All students will have to come to the board and spell triads-all types. Write a 1 paragraph plan/design for your Halloween composition.  Turn iSee # 13 (spooky number) below.
  13. Due October 31, Halloween.  Compose a Halloween composition.  Any sounds in Finale may be used.  The work must be short!!!  The song or instrumental work needs to have a clear plan/structure/design. It may be a song with text or an instrumental work.  It may be simple for children or complex-your call.  The song needs to have the aesthetic/affect of Halloween as you want the audience to experience it.  Our guest lecturer, dr strange t will review and comment on the works in the latter part of the class.  dr strange t will give a lecture on the true nature of the universe and music of the spheres as understood on a cosmic scale in the first part of the class.  .  All Earthly considerations are false according to dr strange t and therefore the current course content you are studying under Dr. Skeirik is inappropriate for this lecture.  Dr. Skeirik will attempt to attend class and introduce the guest lecturer, but that is not for certain on Halloween as it is a day of transformations and inversions.

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