Music Theory II

Music Theory II Syllabus 2018–Required Download


  1. Due Thursday 1/11/18 Workbook:  p. 129-132, Read Chapter 11 Carolyn presentation
  2. Due Tuesday 1/16/18  Workbook:  Ch. 11 all -complete 85%, do some of each problem, bring in a list of questions (difficult problems)
  3. Due 1/18/18  Inquisitive Chapter 11
  4. Due 1/18/18  Ch11 Workbook- all problems, Read Ch. 12, Stephan presentation
  5. Due 1/24/18
    • Re-read Chapter 12 knowing that you will be writing a short liturgical 4-part (SATB) piece that would serve as a prelude to a service and that you will be writing a short piano piece that uses the piano accompaniment style that would be a short prelude.  Find music and ideas in the text that you can use to model your ideas on. The only chords used will be tonic and dominant, inversions are allowed, suspensions are allowed, N and P tones are allowed, scales are allowed.  All other structures are for this assignment forbidden! Start sketching 2 different Finale files-one for SATB and one for piano.  Select a good vocal key and find a very short preludial vocal text for a liturgical service.  Read up on how to use the lyric tool in Finale-see the tutorials.  This will be due 1/26.  Upload your drafts/sketches to Dropbox/Theory II/Vocal & Piano Compositions
    • Workbook 12.1-12.4 completed.
    • Julia will prepare the short contemporary music presentation for Thursday 1/26.
  6. Due 1/29/18  Inquisitive Chapter 12



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