Music Theory II

Read about The Armed Man 2016 production 

  • Music = T4= T ime x T one x T imbre x T heatre

Music Theory II Syllabus. 2016 (Updated-Download and Read)

Music Theory Supplemental Instruction

  • Tutor:  Alexina Hupp
  • Edgecliff Hall 204-Click link above to times and dates

XU Scanner Instructions

2016 Assignments

Due Tuesday,  January 12, 2016, 10:00 am.

  • Workbook 11.5 and 11.6. -start
  • Listen to Sibelius Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Op. 43 all movements.  Reply to the Sibelius Blog posted on the  upper left of this page.

Due Thursday,  January 14, 2016, 10:00 am.

  • Workbook 11.5 and 11.6. -80% complete

Due Tuesday,  January 19, 2016, 10:00 am.

  • Read Ch. 12
  • Submit Workbook 11.6 as a photocopy to me in class.
  • Complete the Workbook pp 137, 139 and 141.

Due Thursday,  January 21, 2016, 10:00 am.

  • Workbook Ch. 12 all odd numbered pages.

Due Tuesday,  January 26, 2016, 10:00 am.

  • Workbook Ch. 12 all problems.
  • Turn in a hard copy of p. 145 for a grade. Add in some passing and neighboring tones for full credit.

Due Thursday, January 28, 2016, 10:00 am.

1. Find a text that can set to a simple chorale.
Typically we set one note to each syllable.
Learn how to divide the syllable correctly. Correct spelling required.
2.  Create a Melody appropriate to the text:   Scale degrees 1,3 5 are the foundation, scale degrees 2,4,5,7 are the Neighboring and Passing.  Scale 6 is special and pre-dominant.
3.  Evaluate the melody and then derive the bass line and harmony from the scale degrees.
4.  Bass and evaluate for stepwise motion that is mostly contrary. Par. 3 ok, some similar is ok. Common tones are ok.
5.  Add in passing tones to fill in the leap of a third.
Tonic chord- check to see if I6 can work.  Also on all dominant chords check for V or V6 and if you want it hot ( chordal 7th in the chord)- the check V7/65/43/42.
6. Review the text, bass, melody make adjustment for expressive purposes.
7.  Fill in the alto and tenor and use the correct spacing and doubling.  Caution ofn dim chords.
8.  No 64 chords allowed in this example.
9.  4 measures/16 beats. Set text as two phrases.  Half Cadence at the end of m.2. Perfect Authentic Cadence at the end of m.4
10.  Due Thursday:  Sketch of melody and bass. Scale degrees entered above melody, use Lyric tool.  R.N. below bass , use Lyric tool.  We will add piano accompaniment on Thursday.

Due Tuesday Februray 2, 10:00 am.

Submit to OneDrive/Chorale  your completed chorale with:

  • text with proper spelling and syllables, entered into a separate verse number
  • Scale degrees above the melody in a separate verse number
  • Scale degrees below the bass in a separate verse number
  • Melody and Bass
  • Alto and Tenor.
  • Check all doublings
  • Use cadences as found in Ch. 12.
  • This is a graded assignment.

Due Thursday February 4, 10:00 am. Workbook pp. 149, 151, 153

Due Tuesday February 9, 10:00 am. Ch. 13 all odd pages.  Submit revised chorale to OneDrive.

Due Thursday, February 11, 10:00 am. All Workbook Ch.13 problems.

Due Tuesday, February 16, 10:00 am.

  • Photocopy p. 160 in the workbook and turn in for a grade. Original work = A or B, duplicate of Workbook answer = C. 
  • Read Ch 14
  • Workbook problems: p. 161, 163  14.2 I. A,  165 14.3 I A.  167  14.4 I A.

Due Thursday, February 18, 10:00 am. Ch. 14  problems

Due Tuesday, February 23, 10:00 am. Finish Ch. 14 problems, focus on the last half of the chapter.

Thursday, February 25, 10:00 am.  All Workbook problems Ch. 11-14 for a grade.  Complete pp. 175, 176 and 177 in the Workbook, no grade.

Tuesday, March 3, 10:00 am. Ch 15 Workbook  all problems.  Chapter 15 problems will be given a grade in class.  Show the workbook to the instructor.

Thursday, March  17 Midterm Exam on-line.  Go to Canvas for this course, open the Midterm assignment for the Midterm Exam and take the exam starting at 10:00 am on March 17.  Open book exam.

Due Tuesday, March 22:  Read Chapter 16.  Complete all Try It Exercises in the textbook.

Due March 29, 10:00 AM:  Retake the midterm exam on Canvas.  You may retake it two more times.  Your highest score will be recorded.  Open book.

Due March 29, 10:00 AM:  Workbook pp. 183-6, all exercises.

Due March 31, 10:00 AM:  Add two more phrases to the chorale you wrote earlier in the semester.  The chorale must be a total of four phrases.  Each phrase must end with a standard cadence formula.  Observe all part writing rules. All harmonic movement must be with tonal progressions.  Use Finale.  Each phrase must have at least 2 non-harmonic tones.  Each phrase must have at least one suspension.  At least one of each of the four types of suspension must be included.

Bring your Oxford Anthology to class on March 31.

Due March 31, 10:00 AM:  Listen to the CPE Bach work in the anthology on Youtube or at NAXOS (XU Library Music Streaming Service).  Mark in the keys, some chords and any other analytical comments that you note.  Allow 20 minutes.  Complete exercise 16.2 and turn in a photocopy in class. Complete pp. 195-7 in the Workbook for class.  Have your chorale available  so that it can be opened at a computer station and worked on while in class.

April 5, 10:00 AM:  1.  Present/share/show your .musx file of your 4-phrase chorale.  Include analysis, non-chord tones, and four clear cadences.  You may copy material from the book or any other composer if that assists you.  2.  Workbook pp. 188-194 and pp. 198-201.  Bring Anthology on Thursday.

April 7, 10:00 AM:  1. Workbook in-class review on pp. 188-201.  New workbook pages:  pp. 202-204.  Bring Anthology, listen to the second piece and analyze the key and the first 8 – 10 measures.

April 12, 10:00 AM: 1.Workbook-complete all exercises in Ch. 17.  2.  Photocopy pp. 203 and 202, submit hard copies during class.  3.  Take the Quiz titled Chs 11-17 on Canvas.  Go to assignments and open the quiz.  You may take it up to three times.  It is open book.  Highest score is recorded.

April 14, 11:15 AM:  1. Submit to OneDrive/Chorale Revision II your corrected Chorale.  See your comments on your most recent Chorale.  Your graded version will have in the title “KS.”  Submit Finale files:  .pdf and .musx versions.  Eliminate extra measures, include analysis and refer to the original assignment and be sure all requirements are met.  See above.  2.  Submit to OneDrive a corrected pdf of exercise 16.2.  Rewrite the entire exercise by hand on staff paper, use excellent notation skills. Submit to OneDrive/ 16.2 Resubmission.

April 19, 10:00:  Read Chapter 18.  Complete the odd pages in the Workbook for Ch. 18.  We will go over all pages in class.

April 21, 10:00:  Do your assigned TryIT exercise. Present it to the class.  Bring your anthology.  Ch. 17 and Ch. 18 Workbook exercises must be completed by this class.

April 26, 10:00:  Read Ch. 20. Complete all TryIt Exercises (check answers at back of the book). Answer all questions at the end of the Chapter.  Students that did not present on Ch. 19 will present on Tues.  Bring you anthology to the final two classes of the semester.  Complete in the Workbook pp. 217-221.

April 28, 10:00  Complete all of Chapters 16-19 in the Workbook  for a grade. Create a review list for the Final Exam.  Go through the Workbook and select the most representative exercises for each chapter and mark with an asterisk for discussion in class.


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