Music, War and Peace

Climate Action Week-Current News, Are there parallels between power struggles leading to wars of the past and the power struggle today resisting undisputed climate science and  political actions to reduce violent climate impacts upon society?

What can you do this week to educate yourself or others on climate change?

Will the music we play and the lyrics we sing at these events impact this movement?

To educate yourself on this these climate topics watch these two films “Disruption” (#3 on the list), click here  and “What’s Possible,” click here.

Per this course:  How is music used to keep the listener/viewer engaged?  Would these videos work as well without music?  How might music be used even more effectively to support the themes and ideas of the visuals and narration?  To what degree are these messages, the facts of science and the social consequences of climate change, appealing to the negative-terror-horror side of the human psyche or the progressive-conflict resolution-peace driven side of the human psyche?

War is the Work of Weak Minds, Peace is the Unyielding Sharing of New Art.

War is the work of a weak mind, it controls and empowers the intellect in its service.It is unsolvable and therefore self-perpetuating. It feeds the beast in civilization.

Peace is the work of defining and employing respect between diverse peoples and or ideas. It is solvable and must always be maintained with solutions that continuously evolve and change, the New Art. It requires intellect, sophistication and creative insight. It tames the beast in civilization.

DOWNLOAD:  MUSIC War &P.Syllabus F14.WP

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The first assignment is due Tuesday, August 26 for class.  It is short, allow 1 hour to complete. Click below.

LINK TO:  MW&P Assignments


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