MW&P Assignments


Thousands in Belgium sing for a call to action on climate change. Listen and view now. From 2012.  Question:  In what way does climate change relate to war, power and the understanding of peace as a process to make respectful change in our world?  What are the characteristics of this music without the words?  How is the text connected to the music to evoke, create, cause change or action or engagement in the listener?

ISIS propaganda video contains music that is directly opposite to the violence that underlies the Sunni-Shite conflicts.  Why is the music the opposite of the US media/movie war music and a western view of the “culture of war”?  Does the knowing the music inform you about insights into the propaganda of this film and possibly deeper into the first step of understanding to build a peaceful solution to a conflict?

Music War and Peace 2014 Schedule (Revised 11.18.14)

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