Orchestration & Arranging

Below is the schedule for the Orchestration Final Exam.
Unfortunately, the time conflicts with Concert Choir rehearsals.
Students who are registered for Concert Choir will be individually excused from Concert Choir rehearsal a few minutes prior to their scheduled exam time so that they can come up to the band room, conduct the reading session of their exam ( arrangement), and then immediately return back to Concert Choir.  All other students who are taking the exam are required to attend all of each exam session.
I will make a recording of the session and post it in OneDrive for any student that wants to have a record of their work and have a chance to review the reading session.
If anyone wants to make a change to this schedule they must first inform me.  I will then publish a new schedule.
Orchestration Final Reading times:
Wednesday Dec 9 1:00 to 1:50 PM
(Students number your score accordingly)
1:00  12/8 No. 1  Ambrose
1:07 12/8 No. 2  Bond
1:14 12/8 No. 3  Crawford
1:21 12/8 No.4  Debrunner
1:28 12/8 No. 5  Godbey
1:35 12/8 No. 6  Hupp
1:42 12/8 No. 7  Norris ( if the session starts a few minutes late, then this work will be only partially rehearsed and will then be carried over to the next session)
1:50  End
Friday Dec 11 1:00 to 1:50 PM
(Students number your score accordingly)
1:00 12/10 No. 1 Keck
1:07 12/10 No. 2 Langjahr
1:14 12/10 No. 3 Mcgill
1:21 12/10 No. 4 Miller
1:28 12/10 No. 5 Rancourt
1:35 12/10 No. 6 Skeel
1:42 12/10 No. 7 Norris (finish rehearsing and make recording)
1:50  End

2015 Orchestration Assignments

XU Scanner Instructions

Orchestration Syllabus 2015 – Tentative


  • Final Exam:  Arrangement for the concert band to be read by  Xavier Symphonic Winds at the public reading sessions on December 9 and 11 between 1 and 1:50 p.m. on those days.  Attendance is required. A schedule will be emailed to students.  Students who have rehearsals scheduled at this time are still expected to conduct their band pieces and then return to rehearsals.

LINK:  A good brief guide to selected aspects of percussion notation.

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