Piano Recitals

Public Piano Recitals
Tours and Concerts 1976-1991
Over a hundred solo piano recitals as a self-managed artist, including three East Coast/ Midwest US tours that included universities, colleges, and live broadcasts from public radio stations (NY, PA, OH, VA, KY). These concerts frequently included my own compositions for piano solo.
Sample Season 1983
California, Pennsylvania; California State College, Guest Artist, Solo Recital.
Cincinnati, Ohio; Christ Church, “Music Live Concert Series,” Solo Recital.
Cincinnati, Ohio; “The Grand Society” Concert Series; Baldwin Piano Company, Solo.
Canton, Ohio; Walsh College; Concert Series; Solo Recital.
Cincinnati, Ohio; Xavier University; Cincinnati Composers Guild; Piano performance of The Hollow Men by Kaleel Skeirik.
Lawrenceburg, Indiana; Seagram Concert Series, Piano Soloist in Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy for Orchestra, Chorus and Piano solo.
Selected Local Concerts
Cincinnati, Ohio; Christ Church, “Music Live; “Duo Piano Recital.
              5/15/1983, 9/25/1983, 10/21/1983,2/22/1986,2/4/1990
Cincinnati, Ohio; Xavier University, 1983-1991
Joint Faculty Recital
Solo Recital.
Faculty Recital, Duo Piano Recital.
Joint Faculty Recital.
Joint Faculty Recital, Piano Solo.
Faculty Recital, Chamber Music Recital.
Outdoor “Extravaganza,” Duo Piano Presentation.
Danny Scholl Dedicatory Recital, Solo Piano.
Faculty Recital, Solo Piano.
Noon Recital, Duo Piano Recital.
Joint Faculty Recital
Piano and Chamber Music Recitals (All compositions by Kaleel Skeirik)
Lecture Recital: The Hollow Men, Walnut Hills High School. Cincinnati, Ohio., 2008
Solo Piano and Chamber Music Recital. Long Recital Hall, Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2008
Contemporary Poetry and Music Series, Piano solo and Chamber Music, Music of Kaleel Skeirik, Cultural Center, Troy, Ohio. 2009 and 2010

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