• Publications and Significant University Reports
    • Buel, Dona and Skeirik, Kaleel. Summer 1995. “Teaching the
    Intuitive Student.” Keyboard Companion. 6.2:40-1.
    • Buel, Dona and Skeirik, Kaleel. Summer 1996. “Teaching the
    Analytical Student.” Keyboard Companion. 7.1:40-2.
    • “National Association of Music Schools Accreditation Reports, Self-
    Study” and Responses that led to the first-time accreditation of
    Xavier University, Department of Music.
    • “Xavier University, Department of Music, Proposed Changes to the
    requirements for the B.A. (Music) and the B.S. (Music Education)
    Degrees”. Significant changes throughout both programs that
    made them consistent with NASM standards, Ohio education
    requirements, and the Xavier liberal arts core curriculum.
    Primary architect, developer and writer. Changes were approved.
    • Skeirik, Kaleel. Teaching To The Mission A Compendium of The
    Ignatian Mentoring Program, “Incorporating Discernment into a
    Music Course”, Xavier University, publisher
    • Skeirik, Kaleel. Poster Session, Ignatian Mentoring Program,
    Incorporating Discernment into a Music Course, Xavier University
  • “Art Music and the Economy: The Modernity Index and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, 1895 to 2013,” by Kaleel Skeirik, Nancy Bertaux and David Yi,  International Journal of Economics and Business Research.

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